Ohney Docks
Ohney Docks
The Ohney Story

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Chapter 1

In the beginning, there was only Water.

Then the Great Chief brought the Land up, and caused beautiful flowers and trees of all types to grow. The flowers and trees he surrounded with insects of many kinds, beautiful butterflies and perennially busy bees. The Air he filled with birds, and the Land he peppered with various tribes of animals, some that crawl, some that run, and some that slither. Finally, the Great Chief filled the waters with fish.

All was perfect, and beauty was to be found in all directions. There was only one thing missing: another being, one who could take in all of this beauty, reflect upon it and appreciate it.

So the Great Chief sat down with the birds and animals and fish and had a Great Pow-wow. Beaver suggested that the Great Chief create a great, large Beaver that could run like the Deer, swim like the Fish and fly like the Eagle.

Salmon suggested an animal as large as Bear, but one that did not eat the Salmon.

Fox suggested an animal like Rabbit, only fatter and slower.
Then Owl, always one to consider things seriously, opined that this new creature should be one with a love of all creatures, and could rule over them all wisely, a creature that made his home on Land, but strongly loved the worlds of Air and Water.

This the Great Chief considered wise, so he took some of the Land up in his great hands, then some of the Water, then some of the Air, and mixed them together to form a creature with an intense love of all three. These new beings he called humanity, and they multiplied quickly, forming many tribes.

These tribes covered the Earth, and had many adventures, but always returned to the edge of the Water, the first of all things. There, humanity found its source of life, as well as peace, beauty and recreation. Then, humanity spoke their first word, a word that summed up its love for the Water, and acknowledged its beauty and power. That word was, "Ohney."